Tilting Earth

Beautiful, beautiful writing and an incredible perspective on life in general, in the midst of fear and grief.

Conglomeration of Joy

IMG_7470 They call it the cold smoke.  The snow so fine it floats on the currents of air, swirling, aloft.  The drive down Bridger this morning was more treacherous than it seemed it should have been.  The plows were not yet out and the cars in front of me were invisible in the swirl of the snow, only intermittent glimpses of brake lights.  Despite being sick, I was drawn out into the morning’s weak light for some quiet hours to try to put into words the last month.  Of course the thought of a scone and breakfast sandwich at Wild Crumb was a pretty strong draw as well.

So here I sit with a cup of coffee and a huckleberry scone with the perfect crisp sugary outside and delightful taste of summer inside.  The truth is I am still surprised to be here.  When I tucked Solveig into bed on Saturday…

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