That’s me on the left, my sister on the right. She’s probably taking the picture. She likes elbow distance self portraits. She has her own blog about home design called “The Loved Home”  you would like, if you are a fan of Martha, Pottery Barn or Anthropologie.

I live in the far northern tip of Chile, right on the border of Peru.  I work as an English Professor (language, not literature) at a university, and my own little institute.

Being an American abroad has its own challenges, and I have to repeat the serenity prayer a lot!  Writing is what I do to deal with the things I can’t change.  I have a nine year old, a fella and a dog that all keep me busy, but I try to make time for a series of fairy tales series I have been working on
for the last few years. (Artwork by Robin Robinson).

The first book in the series, Seven Seeds,  is available on Amazon.  You can visit my website to read chapters that I will be posting weekly, and to find out about the other three books I am working on.  Thanks for stopping by; I’d love to hear from you!



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