Seven Seeds

This is me-on the left. That’s my sister on the right, probably taking this picture. She likes to do elbow distance self portraits. She has her own blog about good design called “The Loved Home.” If you like Martha, or Pottery Barn, or Anthropologie, you’ll like her blog!

I live in the far far North of Chile, in a small coast town called Arica. I work (by day;) as a University professor of English (as a language, not literature), and in the evening, I change capes and work for myself in a little English Institute.

I have lots of funny stories I could tell you of being an American abroad, and a lot of frustrating ones as well. I have to repeat the AA mantra to myself quite a lot. I write to escape the things “I cannot change”. And because I love to read. I am currently writing a four part series of fairy tales that I like to think of as a “family history” of fairy tales. The first in the series is a snow white story, and I will be sharing it in chapters. If you enjoy it, I hope you’ll be in touch!



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